In July 1998, a three-man team of Peter Boczar, Stephane Plaine and Philip Gaucher helicoptered into the dense rain forest of French Guiana to search for traces of a B24 Liberator bomber that may have crashed there in 1944 with eight airmen on board.

One of those airmen was Peter Boczar’s uncle, Staff Sergeant Larry Grasha, the son of his grandmother, Mary Grasha. His plane had disappeared without a trace and all crew had been classified as missing in action.

However, Boczar was prompted to try to solve the mystery by his grandmother’s undying hope that her son might still be alive. And her failing health made it an urgent priority.

This launched a two year investigation and preparation for what would be two trips into the dense rain forest of French find out more, please select “Expedition” from the menu above...


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